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Good morning, friends and members. We are sharing weekly updates with you from Tom Williams, the President & CEO of Johnston UNC Health. Please find the information from 9.29.21 below. Thank you!
Good afternoon,
I have attached a few Covid Dashboard updates for today:
But first, our covid census summary:
·We have 32 covid patients with 4 that are “previously positive” (>21 day admission/vented). We have a total of 18 ventilators running (10 of these are Covid patients). Our average daily admissions of new covid patients have thankfully trended down over the past week; the UNC system as a whole has seen similar trends as well.
·92% of our ICU and ventilated patients are unvaccinated and 85% of covid hospital admissions are unvaccinated
·Total hospital census remains busy. Our midnight census was 209 total patients (ED, inpatients, observation); we continue to be busy with both covid and non-covid medical admissions. We do have an ICU bed at Smithfield and Clayton available for admission; otherwise our ICU and PCU level units remain close to full each day. Even though our total bed census is near capacity, we have had fewer holds in the Emergency Department this week of patients awaiting an inpatient bed.
·ED visits are running about 5 to 7% above anticipated volumes for this time of year.
Hospital Forecast summary:
·The attached forecast summary is from UNC and provides the predictive model for covid patients. The blue line shows actual patient census at Johnston Health compared to the model. The model factors in current rate of transmission seen in our community. I am relieved to see that we are now running below the average mean this week; where we were running at its peak back in August. Let’s hope these trends continue.
· I also attached the latest Analytics PowerPoint Forecast from UNC, that gives a Statewide perspective.
·We continue to hold non-emergent inpatient surgeries to ensure we have bed capacity for covid and medical patients. A group meets each week to review our bed capacity and cases to determine when we can reopen these needed non-emergent cases. (these typically have the greatest impact on orthopaedic cases like total joint replacements)
Thank you all and please reach out anytime if you have any questions.
Tommy Williams, MHA, RRT, RCP | President & CEO
Johnston UNC Health
509 N. Bright Leaf Blvd., P.O. Box 1376, Smithfield, NC 27577
O: (919) 938-7111
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