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SAT cube graphic

Students from across Johnston County are designing a satellite and a payload with an eye on putting them into
space in 2021...and they need your help with this NASA-Approved Mission!

The new f(x) First in Orbit CubeSat team is the first student CubeSat team from North Carolina, and our state is one of eight that has not had a satellite put into space under NASA’s CubeSat Initiative program. NASA’s CubeSat program is a STEM project like no other. Students will design, build, test, and fly a genuine satellite.

This team consist of members from almost every high school, the homeschool community and one middle school within the county.

Our students need support from individuals, government, and the business community. There are many ways to support us and our dream to put a satellite into space. This team needs approximately $100,000 to complete the project, which includes travel costs to Florida and construction costs of the satellite. With many tech and manufacturing companies in North Carolina, there will be opportunities for expert collaboration and in-kind donations. Letters of support of their project for the November proposal submission to NASA are also needed.

We hope you will consider supporting this group of North Carolina Students as we put our state not just on the map, but into space!

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