• Board of Education Endorses Medical Clinic at SSS

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    March 15, 2019

    SMITHFIELD, North Carolina-- The Johnston County Public Schools Board of Education, upon Superintendent’s recommendation, has endorsed the advancement of a partnership between Smithfield-Selma High School and a medical clinic to offer a school-based health center to remove barriers and increase access to health care for its students. The clinic will be designed to provide medical services in schools; further, it will provide critically needed and easily accessible health care for students who experience disparities in health and educational outcomes because of their ethnicity, race, or socioeconomic background.


    “Sometimes students don’t have the presence of mind when medical issues need to be addressed,” said David Allen, principal of Smithfield-Selma High School.


    Allen and the school’s Student Advocate Cindy Russell said additional services will enhance the school’s wrap-around care for students with needs above and beyond academics. Allen and Russell have presented the proposal to the district’s Facility Services department for input and oversight. Research has been conducted and the school is investigating local medical partnerships to assist in bringing the clinic to the campus.


    The clinic would:

    • decrease discipline referrals

    • increase student perception of safety and  engagement by students, community and parents

    • improve overall health (ex: up to date immunizations, treatment of common illnesses) that otherwise would require a school absence.

    Allen and Russell appealed to the Board for financial support to bring the clinic to fruition.

    “This Board is in full support of removing as many barriers as humanly possible to ensure that our students have the best possible opportunity to complete success in school and after graduation.  Good health reinforces success,” said Mike Wooten, Chairman of the Johnston County Board of Education.

    Crystal Roberts, Chief of Communication and Engagement

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