• Chamber honors top students from local high schools

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    June 03, 2013

    The Greater Smithfield-Selma Area Chamber of Commerce held its first annual Academic Achievers Luncheon on May 22 at Johnston Community College to honor the top juniors from the Smithfield-Selma area high schools.  Students in attendance were recognized for their hard work and dedication that has allowed them to excel in their educational careers.

    Top achievers from the five high schools that are members of the Chamber were invited to the luncheon based on their grade point average and size of their class. Schools participating were Smithfield-Selma High School, Johnston County Early College Academy, Johnston County Middle College, Princeton High School and Neuse Charter School.

    The luncheon, sponsored by Golden Corral, gave students the opportunity to network with business professionals in their anticipated fields of study. The career areas included medicine, law, education, computer science, engineering, public relations and business.

    Guest speakers, Alexis Sanders and Chase Cooper, were present at the event and spoke to the students about how college life is different from high school.  Sanders, a graduate of Smithfield-Selma High, is currently attending East Carolina University majoring in Speech Pathology.  Cooper, a graduate of Princeton High, is presently attending Johnston Community College majoring in Criminal Justice and Basic Law Enforcement.
    The students each received a certificate of recognition for their academic accomplishments and enjoyed networking with fellow students during the luncheon.

    The following is a list of the 2013 Academic Achievers:

    Samantha Atkins-Neuse Charter School
    Brenna Bizzell-Princeton HS
    John B. Bond-Early College Academy
    Samantha A. Casey-Princeton HS
    Megan Coates-Princeton HS
    Ashleigh Cuomo-Early College Academy
    Mark Fang-Neuse Charter School
    Lilian (Lily) Faulconer-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Jonathan Greth-Middle College HS
    Anna Elizabeth Grubbs-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Zhiyong Guo-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Taylor Hamilton-Smithfield-Selma HS
    John Hess-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Ester Horrer-Middle College HS
    Cameron Hoyt-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Alexis Juarez-Princeton HS
    Taylor Leposa-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Cameron McCullers-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Chelsey McDaniels-Smithfield-Selma HS
    James McMillen-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Latofat Mirzakhmedova -Early College Academy
    Rachel Victoria Moore-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Norma Rodrigues-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Anna Sasser-Early College Academy
    Alexus Stancil-Middle College HS
    Erica Thomas-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Morgan Thorne-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Kayla Urban-Smithfield-Selma HS
    Erin Wagner-Princeton HS
    Kayden Williamson-Middle College HS
    Rockford Wilson-Neuse Charter School

    Rick Childrey, President
    (919) 934-9166

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