• Charles ''Peg'' Woodall is truly distinguished in Selma

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    February 09, 2012

    The Smithfield-Selma Chamber of Commerce presented a Distinguished Citizen Award to Charles "Peg" Woodall of Selma at its 42nd Annual Meeting.

    This recipient is sometimes known as “The Lion” but most people say he is soft spoken. Most of the time he is called “Peg” but his real name is Charles. He is Charles “Peg” Woodall, Selma’s 2011 Distinguished Citizen.
    Mr. Woodall was born in Four Oaks but has lived his adult life in Selma. He received his nickname when he was a young child and fell down the steps in his house, breaking his knee cap. He had a slight limp and friends and family started calling him “Peg”.
    Any handicap has only had positive effects on his life. He has been extremely involved in the Selma community in a number of ways.
    But let’s get back to “The Lion”. First he is a long time member of the Selma Lions Club having joined the club in 1968. He has held all officer positions, including President and he currently serves as the club’s “Tail Twister”. His volunteer work has been so significant, that in 2010 he was honored with the “Jack Stickley Fellowship” for distinguished service to the Lions Club and to Selma. Created to honor the memory of North Carolina’s president of Lions Clubs International, Peg was the first person from the Selma Lions Club to receive the award.
    The other main reason “Peg” is known as “The Lion” has to do with his leadership in the Johnston County Shrine Club. Yes, he has been “The Lion” for the past 36 years in the Sudan Animated Animals Parade Unit. As a matter of fact, he helped start the Animated Animals back in 1976. He organized a farm implement sale that year that raised $3,300 to purchase the first costumes.
    The Animated Animals are a crowd favorite and they march in nearly 30 parades each year. “Peg” has participated in about 600 parades over his career, and according to his fellow Shriners, “has been as regular as a clock”. While he doesn’t march anymore, he still works as the lion tamer on the back of the truck.
    “Peg” is a past president of the Johnston County Shrine Club and is now a life member. He has participated in countless fish fries, reverse raffles and other projects, proceeds from which go to support the Shriners Children’s Hospitals throughout the county. As any Shriner will tell you, “It’s all about the kids”. And over his Shriner career, Peg has helped many children receive that unique care at these special hospitals.
    “Peg” has been the Shriner’s Unit Member of the Year several times, the Johnston County Shriner of the Year and the Shriner of the Year for the Sudan Temple, which encompasses much of eastern North Carolina.
    “Peg” has also been an extremely active volunteer with the Selma Emergency Management Service. Actually, he helped start the rescue squad in Selma and just recently purchased a new sign for their building. He was also a member of the fire department. Many times he had to leave a local parade in costume to answer a fire alarm. He has served on the Selma Library Board and, for many years, helped operate the local polls on election days.
    Peg retired many years ago from state government. He was a teacher and the school bus driver training instructor in Johnston County back when students were bus drivers. Even in retirement, Peg has stayed active. He is a fan of horse racing. He loves to go to Maryland or Kentucky, sit at the track all day and make $2 bets. Fishing is also a big part of his life. He started with his father in local ponds and continues to do so when someone will take him.
    Despite his many leadership roles in the community, Peg really likes to work behind the scenes. His good friend Don Wallace says, “Peg has been a person who has never asked for recognition. He just wants to help his community and his fellow man.”
    And fellow Shriner Larry Barnes states, “Peg is a wonderful person, with impeccable character. He is loyal, stable, trustworthy and very dependable. He will be there for you no matter what the situation. He is the salt of the earth and is certainly deserving of this fine award.

    Rick Childrey, President
    (919) 934-9166

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